Caroline at the opening of her exhibition, Created.  Behind her, His Substance.

Caroline at the opening of her exhibition, Created.  Behind her, His Substance.

Caroline Burton is a fibre artist residing in New Zealand.  She creates sculptural forms which are worn, hung or placed.  Caroline's work has a strong spiritual component, each piece being an expression of aspects of her faith and inspired by natural forms.  A background in engineering has fuelled her fascination with three-dimensional structures and the relationships between different forms within an environment.  

"I find the process of sculpting with unspun fibres fascinating with every new piece that I create. There is an alchemy to the process of transforming wisps of fibre into something with form, structure and strength".

Feltmaking is an ancient art form which allows the artist to explore a subject in a unique way. Incredibly fragile at the outset of the process, becoming increasingly tactile and physical as the fibres intertwine and lock together. 

Where possible, Caroline uses fibre sourced from New Zealand flocks.  This is in keeping with her belief that we have a responsibility to use the resources that have been provided by God for us with care and consideration. 

2016 Creative Fibre Felters Award
2016 Creative Fibre Fashion Award

2017 Franklin Arts Festival, Textile Art

November 2015 - "H2O", Franklin Arts Centre, Pukekohe
February 2017 - "Created", ArtsPost Galleries, Hamilton            

"Heart Felt" by Cait McLennan Whyte, Fabricate Magazine, Issue 1, Spring 2016
"National Fashion Parade 2016, Caroline Burton, First time entrant and award winner"  for Creative Fibre Magazine, June 2016