It's good to have all the info!  If you have a question that isn't covered here, please do get in touch!

Where can I see your work in person?

My work can currently be viewed in the galleries listed here.  My studio is also open to visitors by appointment - I love to share with people the magic of making felt.  There is always a selection of artwork and prints on hand to view.  If you would like to make an appointment, please email me.

Can I buy the original artwork from one of your prints?

Caroline's fibre art prints are unusual in that the fibre "painting" that they are of is ephemeral.  Once she has created it and taken the image in her studio, she must either felt it, or it is destroyed.  If it is felted, it essentially becomes an entirely different artwork.  The elements might be similar, but the texture and depth will be completely altered by the felting process and the layers of coloured fibre will have blended.  These pieces, once felted, are often beautiful as artworks in their own right, but they are often not recognisable as being directly related to the print. 

It is because of the rare quality of these works that Caroline choses to have them reproduced as the finest fine art prints that she is able.  For this reason also, Caroline's newer works are limited edition.

Do you accept commissions?

Yes!  Commissioned artworks start at $500, but individual prices will depend on the size and composition of the finished work (artworks with three-dimensional elements, for instance, are a little more costly).  Contact Caroline to discuss commissioning a piece.

I'd love to buy a piece of art - can I pay in instalments?

A lay-by scheme is available.  Once a payment plan has been agreed upon and a 25% deposit has been made, the artwork will be reserved for you until such time as full payment has been made (up to 12 months).  When the final instalment has been received, the artwork will be shipped to you.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

It hasn't happened yet, but in the unlikely event that you are not completely happy with your new artwork when you get it home, then you may return it.  Once the artwork has been returned in as-new condition, the sale price will be refunded in full.   Ensure that the artwork is packaged well  - it is strongly recommended that you use a tracked service as lost or damaged returns cannot be refunded.  Please note that this is only applicable for work that has been purchased directly from the artist.  If you have purchased an artwork by Caroline Burton through a gallery, you will need to discuss returns with the gallery. 

How do I care for my new fibre art?

Caring for your new fibre artwork is really no different to any other type of art. Firstly, it is advisable to hang ANY artwork away from direct sunlight.  That being said, it is often impossible to completely eliminate residual UV light.  All artworks by Caroline Burton are given an extra layer of protection from UV light.  Original felted artworks are framed and protected either by UV protective glass, or by a UV protective surface treatment.  This surface treatment penetrates the fibres, so that repeat treatment will not be necessary, however it does not alter the look or feel of the artwork.

The certificate of authenticity on the reverse of the individual artwork will detail the type of protection provided.   

As with any artwork, over time, dust may build up on the surface, particularly if it has sculptural elements.  This is easily removed in one of 3 ways:

  • Gently running over the surface with a lint roller

  • Using a feather duster

  • Using your vacuum cleaner.  For this method, hold a  piece of loosely woven fabric (such as gauze) over the surface of the artwork and, using the lowest setting on your vacuum cleaner and with one of the hand tools attached, carefully work your way over the surface of your artwork (ref: “Caring for Textiles and Clothing” by Jennifer Queree and Rachael Fone, Canterbury Museum for Te Papa Museum.)

For more information on caring for your artwork, check out my blog post on the subject.