"Such a thrilling day. Ignited a new beginning, I am hooked, many ideas to implement in the very near future learnt so much today thank you Caroline."  Kath 

"Thank you so much Caroline. It was such a creative & fun class. Highly recommend you to everyone & wrapped to see my mum really enjoyed the class too!"  Anita 

"Thanks for today, yet another relaxed and very enjoyable workshop!"  Helen



As a self taught fibre artist, Caroline has an intimate knowledge and understanding of her chosen medium, gained through her years of dedicated practise.  Learn how she "paints" a picture using layers of coloured wool fibre and silks, the colours blending during the felting process to achieve an endless variety of colour combinations and surface textures.  

Caroline is a warm and encouraging teacher who is dedicated to facilitating the creative expression of each individual.  The basic principals of colour and composition will be covered, together with layering colours for blending.  

Fibre is a medium that particularly lends itself to colourful and textural abstract works - participants are encouraged to let their creative hair down!

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Wool fibre is a uniquely versatile medium that can be formed in to three dimensional shapes and sculptural forms.  With careful application of fibre layout principals and clever use of resists, the possibilities are endless! 

Create a range of samples using some or all of the following techniques, or incorporate them into one larger piece.

  • Using resists to add flaps, frills and relief

  • Wrinkled surface texture

  • Partially concealed Prefelts

  • Cords and loops

  • Incorporating found objects into felt

  • Nuno Felting (Felting wool fibre onto fine silk fabric)

Caroline offers a range of workshop options that can the tailored to the interests of the group or individual.  

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